Keep Your Mind in a Constant State of Openness


My name is Nick.Th.
I'm involved in Linux since 2010,
participating at various projects trying to keep my contribution in Open Source,
significant and sustained.

Ubuntu Membership

At November 2012 I became an Official Ubuntu Member, via

Linux Foundation Membership and LFCS

In 2015 I became an individual member/supporter of Linux Foundation.
In August of the same year I've acquired the LFCS

What I Do

Contributing back into Linux is a learning process, also is Fun.


Participating at various Linux forums is a great way of giving back to community and learning from other's problems.

Kernel Maintaince

Building and maintain the BFQ/BFS Linux kenrel for Ubuntu and ".deb" related distributions in Launchpad.


Blogging with about Linux (in Greek language).


Contributing in other Linux distributions is also fun.

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  • Fedora
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